Total Body Assessment

All clients will visit with our licensed chiropractor, Dr. Jan Kasprowicz for an initial total body health assessment at our facility in
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. The assessment includes the use of our InBody composition analyzer to help in determining
your individualized fitness program & start you on the path to achieving optimal performance.

InBody Technology

As an athlete, it is very important to know your body composition. The InBody composition analyzer, used by the NFL, uses advanced cutting edge technology to precisely
measure your individual body compositions in segments. The test will also provide you with a comprehensive view of your body composition balance including
body water, proteins, minerals and body fat. This information allows us to personalize your training program for complete fitness and good health.

Click InBody for details.


Cardio Health

When you start our program the first set of visits will be designed to improve your cardio health. We believe knowledge is power and learning the importance
of improving cardiovascular health and endurance will go a long way in helping you reach your peak performance. We will teach you the proper exercises
and training techniques for optimal cardio health and your necessary heart rate to burn the most fat. Through this program, you will strengthen
your heart, improve blood flow, burn fat and increase your heart’s ability to deliver blood and oxygen to working muscles.

Your FREE Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor will help you every step of the way providing live, accurate information to your mobile training app.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

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Total Body Conditioning

Our total body conditioning is based on medically supervised weight management that isn’t based merely on fitness but on “health.”
Lose fat, not muscle weight. We will incorporate a variety of exercises for building endurance, strength, agility, speed and stamina.
Assessments will be done regularly on body fat, heart, blood pressure and good health to keep you on the path to success.

Our certified and uniquely qualified doctors and trainers will keep you accountable & your goals will be met!


Strength Training

Helping athletes of all levels become stronger & faster with strength training. Reduce body fat, increase muscle & improve your overall body strength.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy improves your circulation & range of movement helping to speed recovery. We offer a variety including deep tissue, sports & orthopedic.

InBody Technology

We use InBody for its advanced technology that precisely measures your individual body compositions in segments instead of as a whole.

Cardio Health

Improve cardiovascular health & learn to maintain the heart rate you need to burn the most body fat, using your free Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor.


An extremely beneficial part of our program that helps speed your recovery time, decrease pain, improve circulation, range of motion & more.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor

A combo heart rate sensor that provides live, accurate heart rate to your mobile training app turning it into a smart training companion.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will help you rebuild strength and mobility, decrease inflammation, manage & reduce your pain and prevent further injury.

Weight Management

This program allows us to work one-on-one with you in a medically supervised weight management program to achieve your goals.

Health & Fitness Education

We give you the knowledge to move on from the facility & continue optimal health without machines – with simple equipment and movement.

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