Strength Training

For proper form and technique with scientifically proven training to improve strength, endurance, and burn fat.


Sports Recovery

A leader in advanced rehabilitation & sports performance services for the serious athlete with cutting edge recovery & training techniques.



Our total body conditioning program is based on medically supervised weight management. It is not based merely on fitness but on ‘health.’


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All clients visit with our licensed chiropractor, Dr. Kasprowicz for an initial assessment at our facility in Allendale, New Jersey.

NJ Sports Performance Specialist

If you have been looking for the fastest recovery that will get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible, then turn to the sports recovery specialist Dr. Jan Kasprowicz, DC at Elite Performance Team—the tri-state area’s leader in advanced rehabilitation and sports performance services for individual athletes and teams of all levels and disciplines.

Training & Performance


Functional Strength Training

Helping athletes of all levels become stronger & faster with strength training. Reduce body fat, increase muscle & improve your overall body strength.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will help you rebuild strength and mobility, decrease inflammation, manage & reduce your pain and prevent further injury.


Human Optimization

Human optimization, also referred to as Biohacking, sees the body as a system and improves the whole system for optimal wellness.



An extremely beneficial part of our program that helps speed your recovery time, decrease pain, improve circulation, range of motion & more.


Health & Fitness Education

We give you the knowledge to move on from the facility & continue optimal health without machines – with simple equipment and movement.


InBody Technology

We use InBody for its advanced technology that precisely measures your individual body compositions in segments instead of as a whole.


Weight Management

This program allows us to work one on one with you in a medically supervised weight management program to achieve your goals.

Recover Faster So You Can Train Harder

Athletes everywhere benefit from Dr. Jan Kasprowicz and the
Elite Performance Team’s wide range of
performance-oriented recovery techniques & services. We use cutting-
edge technology and proven techniques, programs and methods to slash
the time it takes to recover and get back in the game. Using a unique, fully-customized approach to individual health & wellness, we monitor each
athlete’s performance & physical condition to dramatically cut recovery time,
boost performance, and strengthen your body for optimal athletic results.

What others are saying about us…

Dr. Jan has helped me, as a relatively new runner, deal with the aches and pains of training as well as overcome a recent injury. His treatments work FAST and, if you follow his advice for PT exercises they don’t come back. He is relentless and persistent in how he diagnoses and treats injuries. If you want to hear the words “rest” and “surgery” go to an orthopedic dr. If you want to get back to training this is the place to go. Direct texts about appointments cut out the middle man and make scheduling easy. He keeps evening hours and is willing to see patients on weekends and holidays if necessary. Addtionally – he has helped several of my friends through issues that doctors were unable to fix.

Roy T.
from Yelp

I was referred to Dr. Jan Kasprowicz by Roger Aspholm, whose opinion I value with the highest regard. I had a very debilitating injury that I was receiving treatment by another doctor for a few months and it just would not go away. After just 2 weeks of visits with Dr. Jan, my leg improved so much that I was able to get back on the bike and ride it almost 100% in that short period of time. I was so impressed that I even brought in my 16 year old daughter for treatment as well and will in the future for any other injuries that may occur. I was also very impressed with his attitude (haha) and Sports Recovery knowledge.

-Joseph Zuppa
Deputy Fire Chief, Cyclist

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