PNOĒ Metabolic Testing

Imagine a test that could offer you the most comprehensive snapshot of human physiology in just 10 minutes. A test that could scan accurately and non-invasively the health of all essential vital functions including your heart, lungs and cells. In addition, you’d receive all the information needed to build the most personalized nutrition and workout plan comprised of your daily caloric burn, fat and carbohydrate utilization, and training zones thresholds.

This test exists and it’s called cardio-metabolic analysis. It involves testing a person’s oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production at rest and during exercise.

What is cardio-metabolic analysis?

Cardio-metabolic analysis applies to many areas of health and wellness:

  • Sports: Commonly known as VO2 max, it can measure a person’s peak oxygen consumption, prescribe training zones, and determine workout programs.
  • Dietetics: Referred to as metabolic testing in this field, it can assess caloric consumption and fat and carbohydrate oxidation, and provide a foundation for building nutrition plans for weight loss.
  • Medicine: Known as cardio-pulmonary exercise testing, it is the most accurate non-invasive way to detect the presence of cardiovascular disease and identify whether dyspnea and chest pain are due to a heart or lung problem.

Despite its well-established benefits, very few athletes, coaches and health practitioners have access to it, and even fewer know how to fully utilize it. Why? It’s expensive, the equipment is difficult to operate, and it can be hard to understand the raw data.

PNOE changed that through the world’s first portable, affordable and highly accurate metabolic analyzer that allows anyone to effectively implement cardio-metabolic analysis in their gym or practice.

About PNOĒ

PNOĒ has addressed the limitations posed by traditional cardio-metabolic analyzers by creating the first portable, low-cost, affordable, and medical-grade cardio-metabolic analyzer. Its key advantages are:

  • Requires no cumbersome calibration—for those who have experience with cardio-metabolic analyzers, PNOĒ doesn’t require the notorious 3-liter calibration syringe.
  • Begins measuring in less than three minutes and is fully operated through a smartphone that projects real-time cardio-metabolic data.
  • One-hundred percent cloud connected and transmits real-time cardio-metabolic data to the PNOĒ online platform, which can be accessed from anywhere around the world.
  • Accuracy has been validated against clinical gold standard metabolic analyzers.
  • Can be used in the field to assess athletes in the sport and environment they train in, to provide training recommendations that are sport- and environment-specific.

Several high-profile fitness centers, sports teams, and research groups around the world currently use PNOĒ, and its advantages are effectively addressing the problems that have kept cardio-metabolic analysis confined. Athletes and coaches who implement PNOĒ in their training regimens and take cardio-metabolic analysis into real training conditions are now gaining access to a wide spectrum of unique insights and metrics, and reporting substantial changes in performance. From our vantage point, PNOĒ has achieved two big wins: 1) it made cardio-metabolic analysis accessible to the average athlete; and 2) it made cardio-metabolic analysis sport- and environment-specific, consequently rendering its insights directly applicable and far more impactful.

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