Best Before & After Workout Supplements

What are the best supplement to take before a hard workout? It’s a time duration thing. If you’re working out at an intense level for greater than 45 minutes, that’s a hard workout. You want to make sure you’re taking…
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Top 10 Super Foods

Add these top 10 superfoods for maximum health benefits and performance. The benefits are large and long effecting. • Goji Berries • Cocoa • Maca • Bee Products • Spirulina • Blue-green Algae • Marine Phytoplankton • Aloe Vera •…
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Analyzing Test Results

Analyzing test results absolutely makes a big difference in athletic training. I tell all the doubters that if you can’t test it, you’re just guessing. Many trainers will utilize squats, bench press and deadlifting to determine strength gain. That’s important…
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Meal Plans To Keep You Going

We all vary with the amount of energy we need or require throughout our day, especially if we’re going to be exercising or certain training levels. Some days we’re going to be training intensely. Sometimes we are going to be…
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