Altitude Training

Athletes train at high altitudes to improve oxygen efficiency, to increase stamina and endurance, and decrease feelings of fatigue, muscle pain and weakness. Altitude training can be done in your local area by using special machines that simulate the oxygen…
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Creatine for Sports Performance and Cognitive Function

Creatine supplements help improve sports performance and cognitive brain function because it works to increase cellular energy and muscle mass in the body so your body and brain feel less fatigued while working out. What is creatine, and what effect…
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NormaTec Compression Boots For An Edge

Many athletes use NormaTec Compression Boots because they are looking for an edge. They’re looking for an edge against their competition or an edge to improve every single time they compete against themselves or their training. The beautiful part about…
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Strength Building While on Vacation

Take your strength building workout on vacation with you with these exercises and diet tips. Going on vacation is a great way to break out of our normal routine, but it could be very disruptive for those trying to commit…
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