Technology Biohacking

Technology biohacking is a way to use the natural healing abilities of the earth and our environment to boost healing and body function. Using new technology like the PEMF mat, the Nano V and the infrared sauna, and getting more direct sunlight and blocking out blue light at night are all biohacks that help improve our health.

What is technology biohacking?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Well, biohacking is basically trying to optimize your life, basically bring us up to another level. We have nutritional biohacking, which is utilizing different foods and nutrients to bring your life, your potential, up to the highest it can be. Then we also have technology biohacking, and technology biohacking is pretty much based on natural things that occur in our environment, but it’s actually in much more of a controlled state. We are using the natural healing abilities of the earth and of our environment, but in a much more efficient way, that we can utilize on a daily basis to basically bring our potential up to that next level.

Which tech biohacks do you utilize in your office?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: We have a lot of different technologies in our office, but the ones that we use the most frequently are the PEMF mat, which is a pulse electric magnetic frequency mat. This is an outstanding piece of equipment we have that works on the Schumann waves, which is basically the electric magnetic field around a planet. The majority of our healthy cells have a vibrational magnetic field around us, about 95 megahertz. For example, somebody with some type of malignancy or cancer, their magnetic frequency is about 20, so it’s pretty low. Then people who have, which I see frequently in the office, musculoskeletal injuries, muscle strains, tears or fractures, their cells are hanging out around about 60 to 70 megahertz.

Well the PEMF mat, what it actually does, it is a supportive technology. It brings up the level of all your cells, up to about 90 to 95 megahertz.  You lay on this mat. You really don’t feel much. But what I do is I have taken EMF readers so people could see the electric magnetic field in the room, and then they could see how much it is when they’re laying on the mat, and it substantially goes up.

What it does is, it increases cellular metabolism which is boosted by the PEMF mat. It increases blood cells to regenerate. It also increases circulation, and it also increases the oxygen carrying capacity of blood cells. The great thing is there is lots and lots of research on it, too. If you go to WebMD or PubMed, you can easily find 50 to 60 different research articles that show how effective it is with increasing the recovery from fractures, from muscle tears, from muscle strains.

Another great thing that we utilize in our office, that you can also use for your home, is an infrared sauna. They’re actually pretty inexpensive. You can get a really high quality infrared sauna for your home for about $1,000. The great thing about infrared sauna, you don’t have to do anything. You just sit inside of it. It’s not a wet sauna, which is basically very humid air and that gets uncomfortable. That heats the skin. It’s not a dry sauna either. The dry sauna, what that does, it also heats the skin, so it gets very uncomfortable after only being there for a couple of minutes.

An infrared sauna actually penetrates through the skin, and it creates what we call a hormetic stress or hormesis, which is basically a body’s ability to adapt to a stress. The whole idea and principle of hormesis is by training your body to adapt to different stresses, it becomes stronger. This way, when your body comes across a different stress, let’s say cancer, it already has that ability to fight against this environment that’s unfriendly, and is going to give yourself a better fighting chance against a disease process. What it also does, it stimulates heat shock protein, which repair damaged tissue and DNA, potentially repairing what we call telomere lengthening.

Telomeres are basically the tips of your chromosomes. The length of your telomeres signifies pretty much your genetic age. If you’re exposed to a lot of environmental stresses, poor eating, radiation, toxic things in the environment, your telomere length will also be shortened. But it’s not only these toxic things. If you’re a hard-driving athlete, if you’re doing two, three marathons a year, if you’re doing iron man triathlons yearly, you are also going to notice that your telomere lengths will be shortened.

The great thing is, though, you can actually increase that telomere length. There is a test out there called TeloYears which tells you pretty much what your telomere length is, and by using an infrared sauna, it helps to actually lengthen your telomeres.

Another great device that we just got this year is called a Nano V. The Nano V is extraordinary. It’s actually created by a German scientist. There are actually three stages of water that everybody is aware of. There is the liquid stage, there is the gaseous stage, and then there is the solid stage, when it’s ice. But actually 10 years ago a fourth phase of water was discovered, which is actually known as EZ or exclusion phase of water. That is the type of water that is actually in every single one of your cells.

Now, in your body, everything is controlled by proteins. Proteins, in order to be active and perform different kinds of reactions and jobs and duties in your body, need to be folded. On occasion, as we age and are exposed to environmental and DNA damage, what happens is these highly folded proteins become unfolded. When they become unfolded, they no longer can do what they need to do. They can’t do their biological processing. So, we age.

What happens is when you are exposed to a Nano V, which is this machine that takes distilled water, it gets processed through the machine, and then you inhale this water vapor with exclusion zone water. That exclusion zone water actually goes to the unfolded proteins, gives it its energy, and therefore immediately and spontaneously refolds that protein, makes it active again. It speeds up healing, speeds up repair, and actually it is like an anti-aging machine, as well.

How did you educate yourself about technology biohacking?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Pretty much the same way I did through learning about nutritional biohacking, which is lots and lots of reading, podcasts, lots of self-experimentation and money. Every morning I wake up early in the morning. The way I start my day, I take my dog out. She basically does her thing. I come back inside. I read for about two hours. Then I do my infrared light therapy. I do my infrared sauna therapy. I’ll actually go on a vibration plate and do some exercise. I usually go out and ride a bike for about an hour and a half to two hours outdoors. I make my way over to my clinic where I go on my pulse electric magnetic field mat and I will do my Nano V technology, as well.

Then also, I have six or seven people that I trust and I trust their objective opinions. I have them try these things out, as well, and see how they actually feel, as well. If they are feeling like they are getting some benefit from the actual device and the technology, we actually open up that technology to our patients.

Besides having a full biohacking studio in my clinic, I also have one in my house. I am basically constantly trying to find the most cutting edge things to optimize not just my life, but also my patients.

How quickly do people feel results from technology biohacking?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: It can be immediate or it could take some time. It totally depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but also depends on the toxic load that your body has been exposed to. If you live, let’s say, in the northwest, if you live up in Seattle where it’s nice and clean, or if you live somewhere like, let’s say, in Newark, New Jersey where it’s smoggy, then basically your toxic load is going to be completely different.

I can say this, though. If you do go ahead and don’t change your environment, but you do ahead and increase the amount of sunlight you are exposed to, you are going to feel better. That is one easy biohack that you can do right now that is going to increase vitamin D production, and which is overall going to make you feel better.

What tech biohacks can people utilize in their own home?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Easy answer. What people can do to do some technology biohacking is get to sleep a little bit sooner, but when you get to sleep, the majority of people have a TV in their room or they use their Smartphone before they go to bed. What you can do, an easy tech biohack, is all those little lights on your cable box, you want to take a piece of black tape and cover that thing up, because that light coming off a LED light is going to mess with your circadian rhythm and throw off your sleeping pattern.

Another thing you could is you could put your Smartphone down an hour and a half before you go to bed, so this way you are not exposed to all that blue light which ramps up your brain. You can also get yourself a pair of BluBlocker glasses. BluBlocker glasses basically eliminate the blue light that goes into your eye. It takes a lot of effort for our brains to basically identify and disable the blue light.

You could also, which is what we do in our office during the winter is, we have full spectrum light bulbs in the office. So, this way the lights in our office are emitting the full spectrum of sunlight, except the UVA light which is basically, well, is known to create skin cancer.

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