Biohacking or bio-optimization uses technology and nutrition to improve your overall performance and increase your ability to heal. Biohacking techniques may include getting more direct sunlight, red light therapy and using a vibration machine.

What does the term biohacking imply?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Recently, the term biohacking has become a lot more popular. We like to utilize the word more, bio optimization. It’s basically using technology and nutrition to basically increase your own personal performance. It doesn’t have to be an athlete. It could be just a regular person. It could be a person who is having some medical issues as well. They’re trying to increase their performance or increase their ability to heal.

We also have pretty much the entire population looking to perform at a higher level. Police officers, our military, our athletes, even students, corporate CEOs, people involved in the technology and computer world as well.  They are trying to basically biohack, so this way they can actually improve performance and be more productive as well. The patients take more responsibility of their health these days too. They don’t want to just be dependent upon utilizing drugs and therapies that have been around for a while, but are not working as well as the doctors wish they would. So people are taking their own health into consideration and utilizing a lot of the new technology that has been out there, especially over the last five or six years to really optimize their health as well. The other thing is, a lot of these biohacking technologies have been around for a very long time. They have just recently become much more popular.

How long have you been involved in biohacking?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Well, the term biohacking was not around back when I started. Basically, when I was 14 years old, I’d say. Started working out when I was 14 years old in my basement gym. I basically had a little bench, basically in a larger room where my mom hung her clothes lines and basically hung her clothes. While in between loads of laundry, I would work out and stuff and read all these magazines on muscle development and also nutrition. I started learning about different kind of nutritional things you can do. My first biohack was actually utilizing essential amino acids to literally help fuel my workouts, but also to allow my body to recover from the stresses of strenuous workouts. I pretty much started when I was 14. I’m turning 44 next month, so that’s 30 years I have been doing some biohacking.

What type of biohacking devices do you utilize at your facility?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: We have a lot of things in our facility. Not just in our facility, but actually in my house here. Before I bring anything into our office, I have a little biohacking lab downstairs in my basement. I have converted my basement into a biohacking lab.

In our clinic, we utilize a lot of different tools. We have been utilizing lasers  for the last six or seven years. We have two hyperbaric chambers. We have this excellent pulse electric magnetic field map that exposes your body to health magnetic fields. We utilize infrared saunas. We have cerebral cortex stimulators that a lot of athletes have been wearing, and also special-ops military soldiers have been wearing, which actually increase neuroplasticity, which allows your brain to learn things much quicker. We have red light therapy. Red light therapy has been around for a very long time, but recently it has been shown to actually be able to help heal damaged DNA.

We also have whole body vibration machines. This was actually created by the Russians for the cosmonauts. They help stimulate bone growth. It also helps stimulate osteoblast activity, which create bone, but also helps stimulate the movement of lymphatic waste. This way your body is able to get rid of a lot of inflammation that’s gathered around the body. It has also been very effective for a lot of our patients who have chronic issues with tightened muscles, because it helps loosen deep tissues as well. We also use an excellent technology called NanoVi technology, which we talk about later, that actually helps create a thing called EZ water, or exclusion zone water, which is actually the water that is inside of every cell in your body.

In addition, we have a flotation tank. A flotation tank works great, especially with our military. That is why I learned about it. Because the military is active in the Middle East, a lot of our military have to learn a different language. They have to learn some kind of Arab language. It used to take about six months of significant comprehensive study to actually learn to utilize the language well so that it can be functional. Using floating tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, it allows your body to basically deprive itself of all senses and therefore your brain is able to absorb a lot more information, because it is not bombarded with sensory information from your eyes, from your ears, and from your skin.

We also use NormaTec compression boots. We also have another company called Recovery Pump Boots. The machines compress different parts of your body, which allows your lymphatic system to work more quickly. What takes the body naturally 24 to 36 hours to do lymphatic drainage-wise, could take about an hour to an hour and a half when utilizing compression therapy.

Lastly, what type of patients would benefit from biohacking?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: I would say all patients. It is a very general answer, but all patients could benefit from biohacking. A very simple biohack that everybody can do is literally just go outside and stand outside for 20 minutes in sunlight. Everybody has this fear of the sun, thinking that they’re going to get skin cancer. Not only does the sun send out UVA, which is the cancer causing type of light, but also has other healthy UVB light as well. UVB light will actually help to increase vitamin D synthesis, which is not just a vitamin. It is more like a hormone. It turns a lot of different things on in your body. Pretty much anybody and everybody can utilize some biohacking, especially with the different kind of stresses, and environments, and the foods that we eat currently. It is degrading our DNA. Biohacking may help us not just sustain ourselves, but optimize our livelihoods.

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