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Topic – Total Body Conditioning – Heart Training

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Podcast Interview:

RC: Hello everyone, this is Liz Harvey coming to you from our razorcast™ studios in New York City where we are dedicated to bringing you top quality advice from many of the leading expert professionals across the United States.

In today’s episode, we are speaking with Dr. Jan Kasprowicz.  Dr. Kasprowicz is a Sports Recovery Specialist and the founder of New Jersey Chiropractic and Sports Recovery based in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. He offers cutting edge programs and services to athletes and people from all walks of life. With over fourteen years of practical experience in treating patients and athletes for pain relief and optimal wellness, his methods are highly-effective and proven. Cardio health, body conditioning, weight management, as well as, strength building are all areas of his expertise. Dr. Kasprowicz works with some of the most elite athletes in the country ranging from professional football, triathlon, Division 1 athletics, military and police officers.

Dr. Kasprowicz is widely considered to be one of the top sports recovery specialists in the country and he is also a contributing member of our national network of industry professionals.

Today we are going to talk about a very important topic: Total Body Conditioning – Heart Training.

RC: Hi Dr. Kasprowicz. How are you today?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: I’m doing great how are you doing today?

RC: I’m doing great, thanks so much for being here!

Question 1: Please tell us about your Total Body Conditioning program to improve cardiovascular health.

RC: So let’s dive in. Please tell us about your total body conditioning program to improve cardiovascular health.

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Well the total body conditioning program that we offer at our facility –  it’s a full-body workout that’s based on heart rate training. A lot of time, people will go to a gym, they’ll go to a trainer and they train, they sweat, they huff and puff but they actually never achieve their goals that they’re actually striving for.

What we do is we utilize an InBody body analysis which tells us what their body is composed of. We sit down with them, see what their goals are, see if they’re actual practical goals and then we go ahead with a medically proven program which utilizes heart rate training.

Utilizing heart rate training, we can actually focus on certain different heart rate zones. If someone is trying to lose and burn body fat, we can actually have them work at a specific heart rate. This way, they’re going to be purely just burning fat. But we can also make sure they’re not burning muscle for fuel. A lot of times, when people are working out too hard and their heart rate is too high, their body actually stops burning fat and actually starts burning carbohydrates which they only have about fifteen minutes worth and then their body starts burning muscle for fuel. So they do drop weight but in most times when they are working out too hard, they’re burning muscle rather than burning fat for fuel.

So it’s all about utilizing fat for fuel which is a much more efficient energy source and it’s not just going to get them more fit, it’s actually going to make them much more healthier.

Question 2: What type of exercises and techniques are the most effective for optimal cardio health?

RC: Alright and what type of exercises and techniques are the most effective for optimal cardio health?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: There’s many different exercises that you can do. A lot of trainers in gyms what they’ll do for cardio is they put them on a treadmill. They put them on an elliptical machine or they’ll put them on stationary bike. Don’t get me wrong, we do use a treadmill. In the office, we have a stationary bike but we really try to limit the amount of time people put them on in our facility. I actually call the treadmill the “dreadmill” because it’s so boring.

You can pretty much use any type of exercise. We utilize TRX Suspension Straps which focuses a lot on your core and a lot of your stability muscles and it uses body weight. We use kettle bells, bosu balls, weighted medicine balls and resistance straps. The whole idea with our equipment that we use here, we want to be able to educate our clients so this way when they’re finished working out with us in the 24-30 visits, they can have all the same equipment at their house which is low-tech and only takes up a little space in their house.

Question 3: Describe your typical client and what their goals are.  Also, what ages do you work with?

RC: Great and describe your typical client and what their goals are. Also, what ages of people do you work with?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz:  We have a diverse client base ranging from the average ordinary person just trying to get into some better shape. We also have a significant amount of teachers, we have police officers, firemen, first responders. We have a good amount of elite athletes but we also have the stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads and kids as well. Currently we have six active families working out together which is a great bonding experience for everybody. We have a mom, a dad and their kids coming in. They’re training at the same time. So right now, our ages that we’re training are I believe the youngest person is nine and I think the oldest patient that we have is probably sixty-eight.

Question 4: How do you assess or monitor the progress of someone’s heart health? What devices do you use?

RC: Great and how do you assess or monitor the progress of someone’s heart health and what devices do you use?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Well, we have a technology called the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor. The cool thing about the heart rate monitor is that it’s compatible with your iPhone or android which are probably the most popular phones out there. So this way, with the heart rate monitor, we’re not just monitoring your heart here, your heart zone. But what we’re also doing is when you’re working out on your own, you can also monitor your heart rate. It’s complimentary with the actual program. So the first day that you come in when we’re doing your goal setting, we give you a heart rate monitor, it’s like a $90 value. And this way, we teach you how to use it. We teach you the different zones of your heart so you know when your body’s burning fat, when it’s burning carbohydrates, when it’s burning muscle. And we have large televisions in the office so this way, you always see your heart rate whenever you’re training. So this way, if your intensity is going a little bit too high, you know you need to back off a little bit. So this way, you’re in a correct zone to achieve your own goals.

Question 5: What type of time commitment can someone expect if they are just starting out?

RC: And what type of time commitment can someone expect if they’re just starting out with you?

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Well we accommodate everybody’s schedule and the time commitment – it’s all based on your fitness level. By all means, we want to see people get fit but our goal is to make sure everybody’s healthy. So if you have a good fitness level to begin with, you’re looking at probably two to three times a week for the first couple weeks and then we can bring that down to two times a week and then down to one time a week and the end goal for all our clients is to teach them the ins and outs of every single exercise that we do. Understand their heart rate training, understand how their body burns different fuels at different intensities so this way when they complete their program with us, they can go ahead and design their own program. They’ll be comfortable putting exercises together, they’ll understand their heart rate zones and this way they have their own library of knowledge of knowing what exercises to do and what exercises to avoid. But time commitment wise, we’re looking at about twenty-four to thirty visits for majority of our clients.

RC: Okay well thank you so much Dr. Kasprowicz.  We know you are really busy, so I want to thank you for your time and help today.

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz: Excellent. Thank you so much.

RC: And for our listeners across the country, if you are interested in speaking with Dr. Jan Kasprowicz, you can either go online at or call (917) 748-2902 to schedule an appointment.

On behalf of our entire team at razorcast™, we want to thank you for listening and we look forward to bringing you more top quality content from our country’s leading industry professionals.

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