Add Nutritional Biohacks to Your Life

Just adding nutritional biohacks can, and will, improve your life experience. It is going to help make every day a little bit better. It could also help reduce the amount of inflammation in your body. It can help you cognitively…
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Nutritional Biohacking

Nutritional biohacking involves eating food with nutrients that allow the body to work at its highest potential while eliminating harmful food from your diet. It also includes getting direct sunlight and drinking alkaline water. What is nutritional biohacking? Dr. Jan…
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Can You Benefit From Biohacking?

Plain and simple, biohacking is body optimization, whereby you use technology and nutrition to increase your personal performance. If you want to optimize your life and live a full life and not decline as you get older, biohacking or bio-optimization…
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Biohacking or bio-optimization uses technology and nutrition to improve your overall performance and increase your ability to heal. Biohacking techniques may include getting more direct sunlight, red light therapy and using a vibration machine. What does the term biohacking imply?…
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